Why every car needs an alarm

  A car alarm is one of the most straightforward ways of preventing the theft of your vehicle. Regardless if your vehicle already has a car alarm installed, it is suggested that you fit a higher end alarm which will be more effective at safeguarding your vehicle. Basic alarms will have sensors that set off … Read more Why every car needs an alarm

Choosing a car amplifier

  All car stereos contain an amplifier, which boosts the signal from the radio, CD player, or other inputs, and powers the car’s speakers. While the quality of factory-installed amplifiers has improved, there are many cases in which installing an external car amplifier, or power amp, is necessary or desirable.¬†Drivers who upgrade their sound system … Read more Choosing a car amplifier

Car audio installation & safety

    As much fun as car audio installations are, safety is still a serious issue that needs to be discussed. Tool Use: Power tools are dangerous and can be deadly if misused. Make sure you read, understand & follow all safety precautions as outlined in your owner’s manual. Always wear the necessary safety gear … Read more Car audio installation & safety