Car audio installation & safety



As much fun as car audio installations are, safety is still a serious issue that needs to be discussed.

Tool Use:

Power tools are dangerous and can be deadly if misused. Make sure you read, understand & follow all safety precautions as outlined in your owner’s manual. Always wear the necessary safety gear as well. This includes safety glasses, gloves, etc.

Decibel Levels:

Whether you’re booming down the street or testing in your garage, always be aware of the noise levels. If the music is so loud it hurts, then you definitely need to turn it down. Your ears can only take so much before you start having permanent hearing loss.

Securing Equipment:

Securing equipment is important. Not only to keep from damaging your equipment, but also from damaging your passengers.


When you operate your stereo equipment make sure you are always focusing your attention on driving first and your system second. One way to help avoid this is to choose a head unit that is easy to use with a button lay out that you understand. Avoid head units with tiny buttons that can be difficult to find while driving. Read the owner’s manual and familiarize yourself with all of the functions of your head unit. Pay particular attention to the common features like volume adjustment, track change and radio tuning. Knowing intuitively how the system works will minimize the need to hunt around the unit for the correct button combination to do what you want.