2 Channel

  • Helix D ONE

    The new entry into the HELIX world! The amplifiers of the D series are solely modest with respect to pricing. Everything else is thoroughly pure HELIX quality without any compromises. Loads of power, excellent measurement data and a whole bunch of features ensure a pristine and crispy sound experience!

    Absolutely nothing has been missed for powerful bass reproduction – the active crossover with subsonic filter, the lowpass filter, phase control and bass boost are equally as self-evident as the intelligent highlevel input that incorporates Audiotec Fischer´s proprietary ADEP circuit. Not to mention the cable remote control for volume that is included in delivery.
    Thanks to its 1-Ohm stability the D ONE is every else but choosy when selecting an appropriate subwoofer. If you still think that the power output isn’t sufficient, then simply combine two devices to one single powerhouse – the master/slave option makes it possible.

    The elegant design not only states right from the beginning the amp’s heritage but also allows an easy integration into your car thanks to its compact dimensions. Get your car “bass-tuned” and simply have fun!

  • Helix G TWO

    The new G amplifiers are more than just impressive power packs. They unite innovative technology, extensive functionality and best sound with a very attractive price to performance ratio.

    If we do not talk about their more obvious features, such as fully active crossovers with highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bass boost and input mode switch for flexible input signal routing and smart high level input with ADEP circuits, we can still talk about how the G series also provides Start-Stop capability which is an exceptional feature in this price range. Wait, that’s not all… a remote control for adjusting the subwoofer level is included as part of the deal.

    With such an extensive list of features in this piece of equipment, it is really not hard to realize a sound system in your car that has a great sound and lots of power for when you need it most.

    Furthermore, the G amplifiers have the compact and straight HELIX design that has become synonymous with HELIX. In addition, for those who love a good light show, the logo has been illuminated for your viewing pleasure.

  • Helix P TWO

    Plenty of power and sensitivity – the new P TWO combines two talents in an absolutely unique way. Due to its RMS output power of 2 x 490 Watts into two Ohms, this compact amplifier is able to drive even powerful subwoofers to the max. The technical design is literally predestinated for all woofers with 2 x 2 Ohms dual voice coil like the new HELIX Q subwoofers.

    But despite its sheer force the P TWO is by no means a pure subwoofer amplifier. On the contrary, the Ultra HD Class D concept combines an extended frequency response above 40 kHz with high damping factor, minimal distortion and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Therefore, this amplifier is likewise a perfect buddy for heavy-duty front speakers in audiophile system concepts.

  • Match M 2FX

    Tiny amplifier with big ambitions – the M 2FX combines smallest dimensions with huge power and highest versatility.

    Equipped with an active crossover with high- or lowpass, stereo line input and highlevel inputs with ADEP circuit as well as further top-notch features this ultra compact two channel amplifier perfectly acts as a stand-alone amplifier for demanding speaker systems or as power source for subwoofer applications. Due to its load stability the M 2FX is almost predestined for driving subwoofers with 2 x 2 Ohms impedance.

    The proprietary Class GD technology combines excellent sound quality with extraordinary high efficiency. Thanks to its minimal dimensions and low heat dissipation unprecedented space saving and hidden installation concepts can be realized that were previously impossible.

    In combination with the five channel amplifier M 5DSP from the MATCH portfolio the M 2FX is literally a “perfect MATCH”.

  • SounDigital SD 250.2D

    The Soundigital SD250.2D amplifier has 2 channels with 125 W RMS each.

    This model is suitable for use in woofers, drivers, super tweeters and subwoofers in this power range.

  • Zapco ST-2B

    2 Ch. Full Range Class AB Amplifier

    The feature set of the Studio amps provides you with all the system versatility you need without adding additional components, with everything from crossovers to preamp outputs, so multiple amps don’t require extra signal cables.

  • Zapco ST-2X

    2 Ch. Class AB Amplifier

    The most important feature shared by all the ST-X amps is the legendary Zapco sound quality, developed with over 40 years of experience.

  • Zapco ST-2X SQ

    2 Ch. Sound Quality Class AB Amplifier

    For the customer who appreciates the finer points of the music and wants to invest a little extra for a more “live” sound.

  • Zapco ST-402D.BT

    2 Ch. Class D Amp/Bluetooth

    The Studio D amps are full range Class D amps with great sound, a compact chassis, and more crystal clear power than the competition.

  • Zapco Z-150.2 AP

    2 Ch. Class AB Audiophile Amplifier

    If you really want to hear what your home speakers can do, get a AC~DC power supply and a Zapco Z-Series AP amplifier. Then you’ll know why your car system can sound better than your home system.

  • Zapco Z-150.2 II

    2 Ch. Sound Q Class AB Amp

    A new TI op-amp that give considerably better signal to noise ratio, with a lower floor noise. We used the same audiophile grade caps that we use in the LX and SP amps. Beefed up the power supply with more storage, less internal resistance and lower inductance for higher efficiency & added more MOSFETS to the power supply for efficiency and current handling.


  • Zapco Z-150.2 SP

    2 Ch. Super Power Class AB Amp

    If you want competition level sound quality and want to blow the doors off at the same time, these are your amplifiers.

  • Zapco Z-400.2 AP

    2 Ch. Class AB Audiophile Amplifier

    If you really want to hear what your home speakers can do, get a AC~DC power supply and a Zapco Z-Series AP amplifier. Then you’ll know why your car system can sound better than your home system.