5 Channel

  • Audison AP5.9 bit

    AP5.9 bit amplifier is ideal to realize a two way front full active plus subwoofer system using the fifth mono channel with 270 W @ 2 Ω. The built-in processor with 9 output channels, that this amplifier shares with the AP8.9 bit, provides the ability to assign the pre-outs to the AP4 D amplifier, creating a very powerful system in a small space thanks to the optional stacking system.

  • Helix G FIVE

    The new G amplifiers are more than just impressive power packs. They unite innovative technology, extensive functionality and best sound with a very attractive price to performance ratio.

    If we do not talk about their more obvious features, such as fully active crossovers with highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bass boost and input mode switch for flexible input signal routing and smart high level input with ADEP circuits, we can still talk about how the G series also provides Start-Stop capability which is an exceptional feature in this price range. Wait, that’s not all… a remote control for adjusting the subwoofer level is included as part of the deal.

    With such an extensive list of features in this piece of equipment, it is really not hard to realize a sound system in your car that has a great sound and lots of power for when you need it most.

    Furthermore, the G amplifiers have the compact and straight HELIX design that has become synonymous with HELIX. In addition, for those who love a good light show, the logo has been illuminated for your viewing pleasure.

  • Match M 5DSP

    As small as a cigarette packet but a giant in performance and function: the brand-new M 5DSP amplifier provides huge power and cutting edge technology in a remarkably small housing.

    Five channels, a powerful 7-channel “fixed point” Audio DSP with 56 Bit resolution and proprietary Class GD technology predestine the amplifier for ultimate car audio performance. Its minimal dimensions as well as its high efficiency and low heat dissipation allow unprecedented space saving and hidden installation concepts, that were not previously possible.

    The M 5DSP is featuring two power modes: it can be driven optionally in “HighPower” mode for maximum performance or in “MidPower” mode with reduced output power and lower power consumption for Plug & Play applications.

    A subwoofer output, a remote output and a freely configurable 2-channel PreOut for hooking up additional amplifiers offers further connectivity.

    Thanks to Audiotec Fischer’s DSP PC-Tool software the integrated DSP can easily configured to individual requirements. The scope of delivery includes a connection cable and an adapter cable to dock a MATCH Plug & Play or a conventional subwoofer.

  • Match M 5DSP MK2

    Huge power in a tiny format
    Hardly bigger than a smartphone but a giant in performance with an incredible output power of 400/ 800 Watts RMS/ max. and five amplifier channels.
    These amazing figures in such a tiny space result from Audiotec Fischers proprietary Class HD-technology, which guarantees an unrivaled efficiency and therefore minimum heat dissipation. Even better – this offers unimagined possibilites when choosing the mounting location.

    ACO – Advanced 32 Bit platform
    The M 5DSP MK2 is the first MATCH amplifier equipped with our new, extraordinary powerful 32 Bit ACO platform. This provides higher speed during the communication with our DSP PC-Tool software, but also when switching between the 10 internal memory locations for sound setups. In addition, the ACO offers an integrated, channel-separated Input EQ and Input Signal Analyzer (ISA), e.g. for compensating any kind of equalizing in the factory radio.

    Latest DSP technology
    The extremely powerful 64 Bit audio DSP with its seven channels offers in combination with the CoProcessor ACO amazing DSP sound features, like the “Augmented Bass Processing”, the “StageXpander” and the “RealCenter” function and thus completely new possibilities in sound tuning.

    Power on demand
    That’s unique – the M 5DSP MK2 features two power modes, allowing it to run either in “HighPower” mode for maximum performance or in “MidPower” mode with reduced output power and lower power consumption for Plug & Play applications without a separate power supply.

    Intuitive DSP PC-Tool
    Such a bunch of technology must remain operable – our professional and user-friendly DSP- PC Tool software V4 impressively demonstrates that a huge feature set and an easy configuration can be perfectly harmonized.

  • Match PP 62DSP

    The PP 62DSP provides everything an up-to-date Plug & Play amplifier needs: easy installation and maximum flexibility.

    Its installation effortlessly takes place via Plug & Play cable harness which is included in delivery – no cable has to be cut or modified. At www.audiotec-fischer.com the huge online sound setup database provides the appropriate setup.

    The MATCH Extension Card (MEC) slot makes it possible to expand the PP 62DSP’s functionality by inserting an optional MEC module – for example a Bluetooth® Audio Streaming module, an optical digital input or a High Resolution Audio USB soundcard. In addition the PP 62DSP offers the option of hooking up additional amplifiers using the two channel pre-amp output.

    Sound enthusiasts get their money´s worth as well – thanks to the professional and user-friendly Audiotec Fischer DSP PC-Tool software it becomes amazingly easy to create individual sound setups. Furthermore the PP 62DSP is optionally configurable as a 6-channel amplifier with a total of 8 DSP channels. Due to the numerous adjustment options it leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Zapco ST-105D.BT

    5 Ch. Class D Amp/Bluetooth

    The Studio D amps are full range Class D amps with great sound, a compact chassis, and more crystal clear power than the competition.

  • Zapco ST-5X II

    5 Ch. Class AB Amplifier

    The most important feature shared by all the ST-X amps is the legendary Zapco sound quality, developed with over 40 years of experience.