6 Channel

  • Helix M SIX

    One for all – no matter if 3-way, 2-way or subwoofer application, the 6-channel amplifier M SIX will always be the right choice.
    With generously 100 Watts RMS per channel into both 4 Ohms and 2 Ohms load this amp really gets your speaker cones going despite its super-compact dimensions. On the other hand the M SIX stays totally cool thanks to its highly efficient Class D design topology. And even bridged configurations are possible, delivering up to 3 x 200 Watts RMS of clean and undistorted output power.
    In addition a comprehensive and stunningly practical feature set leaves nothing to be desired. And finally the perfect sound tuning is no big deal thanks to its integrated crossover with all its setup options.

  • Helix P SIX DSP MK2


    The HELIX P SIX DSP MK2 6-channel amplifier is not built to solely deliver loads of clean power; it also incorporates a cutting-edge 8-channel DSP with outstanding processing power. This amalgamation sets a completely new standard with its “Ultra HD Class D” amplifier technology.

    Thanks to its 96 kHz sampling rate and an extended audio bandwidth of more than 40 kHz, this technological feat of precision engineering raises the bar in terms of sound quality.

    If we put all that aside for a moment, versatility was another major milestone to be reached during the development process.  Therefore, we are happy to introduce HEC. The HELIX Extension Card (HEC) slot allows you to extend the devices possibilities well beyond the commonplace RCA jacks.  Interfaces like a Bluetooth® Audio Streaming module or a High Resolution Audio USB soundcard have been crafted to give you more options than ever.

    Two fully-processed RCA outputs provide connectivity for daisy-chaining more amplifiers without a need for a second DSP.

    The configuration of the internal 64 Bit DSP could hardly be easier thanks to the professional and user-friendly DSP PC-Tool software that offers almost unlimited sound tuning features.

    Despite this impressive feat of engineering, the P SIX DSP MK2 has not shed its HELIX design heritage; it still has the clean design while remaining very compact for ease of installation.

  • Match PP 62DSP

    The PP 62DSP provides everything an up-to-date Plug & Play amplifier needs: easy installation and maximum flexibility.

    Its installation effortlessly takes place via Plug & Play cable harness which is included in delivery – no cable has to be cut or modified. At www.audiotec-fischer.com the huge online sound setup database provides the appropriate setup.

    The MATCH Extension Card (MEC) slot makes it possible to expand the PP 62DSP’s functionality by inserting an optional MEC module – for example a Bluetooth® Audio Streaming module, an optical digital input or a High Resolution Audio USB soundcard. In addition the PP 62DSP offers the option of hooking up additional amplifiers using the two channel pre-amp output.

    Sound enthusiasts get their money´s worth as well – thanks to the professional and user-friendly Audiotec Fischer DSP PC-Tool software it becomes amazingly easy to create individual sound setups. Furthermore the PP 62DSP is optionally configurable as a 6-channel amplifier with a total of 8 DSP channels. Due to the numerous adjustment options it leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Zapco ST-6X DSP

    6 Ch. Class AB Amplifier with DSP

    The Studio line was designed to bring great Zapco sound quality to a line of compact chassis amplifiers

  • Zapco ST-6X SQ

    6 Ch. Sound Q Class AB Amplifier

    For the customer who appreciates the finer points of the music and wants to invest a little extra for a more “live” sound.

  • Zapco Z-150.6 AP

    6 Ch. Class AB Audiophile Amplifier

    If you really want to hear what your home speakers can do, get a AC~DC power supply and a Zapco Z-Series AP amplifier. Then you’ll know why your car system can sound better than your home system.

  • Zapco Z-150.6 II

    6 Ch. Sound Q Class AB Amp

    A new TI op-amp that give considerably better signal to noise ratio, with a lower floor noise. We used the same audiophile grade caps that we use in the LX and SP amps. Beefed up the power supply with more storage, less internal resistance and lower inductance for higher efficiency

  • Zapco Z-150.6 SP

    6 Ch. Super Power Class AB Amp

    If you want competition level sound quality and want to blow the doors off at the same time, these are your amplifiers