Why every car needs an alarm


A car alarm is one of the most straightforward ways of preventing the theft of your vehicle. Regardless if your vehicle already has a car alarm installed, it is suggested that you fit a higher end alarm which will be more effective at safeguarding your vehicle.

Basic alarms will have sensors that set off a noise alert if somebody tries to forcefully enter the vehicle.

High-end car alarm structures can notify the owner upon the event of the glass breaking, any impact on the body of the vehicle.

Here are some reasons why you need to have an alarm system in your vehicle:

Deter thieves

It’s no secret that a car thief prefers to choose an easy target. Cars that do not have any form of vehicle security are much easier targets than cars that have either an alarm or immobilizer installed.

Attract attention

Let’s face it, that blaring siren will attract attention if someone is tampering with your vehicle. Even if the thief does choose to proceed with car theft the crime could be short lived when the noise arouses sufficient attention.

Forgot where you parked?

Have you ever been unable to locate your vehicle in bad weather or been presented with the challenge of locating your vehicle in a sprawling car park? Many car alarms allow you to set off the alarm manually from the push of a button. This is a simple way to locate your car.

Insurance benefits

Aside from the obvious security advantages, almost all insurance companies offer discounts and other policy benefits if you have a functioning car alarm installed.

Technological Advancements

Technology advancements in car alarms now result in several additional security features. With built in vehicle tracking, some alarms now posses GPS capability which permits an almost instantaneous pinpointing of a stolen vehicle. This not only aids quick recovery but can result in the capture of the offender.


A car alarm is a precautionary measure that is often difficult to put a value on. By having an alarm installed you put your best efforts forward to protect your property. When it comes time to sell your vehicleFeature Articles, an alarm is a feature that will also allow you to realize greater resale value.