• Audison bit DMI

    Digital MOST Interface

    bit DMI is a digital interface for MOST systems, providing the ability to connect the Audison bit processors and the Audison amplifiers, equipped with digital input, to OEM multimedia systems in cars featuring the MOST technology based on optical fibre.

  • Audison bit Nove

    The New Audison Bit Processor

    bit Nove is a powerhouse of technology fully dedicated to listening pleasure: since 2007, the year in which the bit One was first introduced, Audison has never stopped delivering innovation to the digital processors segment. The bit Nove was born from this unique know-how within the industry, the perfect tool to expand a car audio system maximizing its performance.

  • Audison bit One

    Audio Processor

    Despite its compact size, the bit One is equipped with a powerful 266 MHz / 32 bit floating point DSP microprocessor, working in real time on all the functions of the most complete systems. Managed and configured by a simple and intuitive computer software, it is possible to make adjustments to improve the signal through each phase of its path; from input to output.

  • Audison bit One HD

    13-Channels Hi-Resolution Digital Audio Processor

    Thanks to the Analog Devices DSP (ADSP-21489), 32 bit floating-point Sharc series (450 MHz clock), bit One HD Virtuoso makes the most of Hi-Res audio files achieving studio master quality in your car.
    bit One HD is able to develop an Audison Full DA HD chain, providing pure digital signal tranfer: the digital audio signal comes through one of the two optical digital inputs (TOSLINK up to 24 bit/192 kHz), is processed by the DSP at 24 bit/96 kHz and is sent to Audison amplifiers through two AD link ports, preserving all the information of the Hi-Res audio file reproduced.

  • Audison bit One HD Virtuoso

    Hi-Res Signal Processor

    Just as the virtuous performer holds the absolute mastery of the instrument and the technique connected to it, the bit One HD Virtuoso features unique skills dedicated to the most ambitious OEM Integration projects and excels in the uncompromising Hi-End systems.

  • Audison bit Play HD

    Hi-Resolution In-Car Media Player

    Wi-Fi high resolution audio streaming and playlist manageable from your Android or Apple device through dedicated App. Reproduction of 24 bit / 96 kHz FLAC files taking audio far beyond the CD standards.

  • Audison bit Ten


    bit Ten is a multi-function digital processor featuring analog input, capable of transforming ordinary OEM or after-market system into a high-performance system.

    Provided with a 32 bit, 147 MHz clock speed DSP as well as 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, bit Ten is controlled by a software especially developed for signal treatment according to the vehicle acoustic peculiarities. Setting the parameters of each input single channel, setting the delays according to the listening position, adjusting crossovers and equalizers for each of the 5 output channels; all of these operations can be managed by the PC.

  • Audison C2O

    The C2O interface converts the signals coming from the coaxial digital input and from the analog AUX-IN into a TOSLINK optical digital output signal (up to 24 bit/192kHz).

    The conversion allows the integration of the new Hi-Res portable devices equipped with coaxial digital output (75Ω) and smartphones with analog output on 3.5 mm mini Jack (also 4 poles) with Audison processors featuring an optical digital input compatible with the resolution of the signal sent to the C20.

    Thanks to its extreme compactness, the C20 can be installed in a hidden position on the dashboard, drastically reducing the length of the cabling between the portable player and the receiving device nullifying in this way any issues with interfacing.

  • Audison CBT 1

    RCA Bit 10 Adapter Cable

    RCA connector for effortless and fast connections between the head unit PRE OUTs (2 V min.) and bit Ten, bit Ten D Hi-Level inputs.

  • Audison DRC

    Digital Remote Control

    Digital Remote Control permits the control of the main system without the use of a PC. Installed in an ergonomic position within the dashboard of the car, the user can: choose between two “tuning” configurations.

  • Audison DRC AB

    Digital Remote Control

    DRC AB enables the main system control (volume, balance, fader and subwoofer volume, bass-boost) without the use of a PC.

  • Audison DRC MP

    Digital Remote Control

    The new Audison DRC MP (Digital Remote Control Multimedia Play) is compatible with all the Audison electronics featuring AC Link bus. Its slim profile along with the holder supplied with it eases the installation in the best position inside the car.

  • Audison ECK DRC

    DRC Cable Extension Kit

    It is a kit composed of a cable and an adapter allowing a 2 m / 78.74 in. additional extension of the cable supplied with the DRC. This extension is required for installations on especially long vehicles such as SUV’s.

  • Audison ES3


    It prevents the processor from shutting down when turning on vehicles featuring the start & stop system

    When starting the engine, the vehicle battery voltage might decrease below 8 Volts value. If an Audison bit processor is installed in your system, especially with vehicles featuring the start & stop system, low supply voltage values might make the processor shut down.

  • Audison OP 1.5

    Toslink Optical Cable 1.5m / 59.05in

    Optical digital audio signal cable, designed for car audio applications, allowing the transfer of the optical signal without signal loss. An especially thicker sheath protects the optical fibre to prevent the cable from damages if it is pressed against sharp edges.

  • Audison OP 4.5

    Toslink Optical Cable 4.5m/177.16in

    Optical digital audio signal cable, designed for car audio applications, allowing the transfer of the optical signal without signal loss. An especially thicker sheath protects the optical fibre to prevent the cable from damages if it is pressed against sharp edges.